Specials on flea control and Heartworm prevention

posted: by: Reni Zemlyak Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

We have put together some specials for you to make stocking up on preventative products easy:

-Buy a six pack of frontline and get 2 doses free.

-Buy a nine pack of Frontline and get 3 doses free!

We have also put together a great rebate when you buy your Heartgard and flea prevention together: Buy 12 doses of Heartgard AND 6 doses of Frontline or Nexgard, you will get a $50 rebate check mailed to your house!

What is Nexgard?   Nexgard is an oral flea and tick preventative which has a similar mechanism to Frontline but is delivered via a chewable treat. Nexgard is made by the makers of Frontline so now you have two options for your flea prevention from a brand you know and trust. Please call us at 847-835-1302 for more information.